May 18th, 2021

youkai hakkai from kagenami

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Been a while since I've had a white night but a 6:30 Pepsi will do it to you. Finally got to sleep past 4 and as ever woke six hours later-- and then rolled over and went back to sleep for another half hour. Spent today reading Saiyuki Reload Blast because reading Japanese tends to promote somnolence.

The province's case numbers continue to drop to pre-third wave levels, which are still well above 1500. If this continues hospitals may well start opening up for elective surgery by July, maybe. But I think I'll hold out for after my second shot in August, just because of variants. Well, and also because deep down I don't expect a knee replacement to make the blindest bit of difference to my mobility.

Much hammering and sawing outside today, which turned out to be a carpenter putting a new door on Next Door's garage. The old one was splintering wood-- kicked in by rampaginf grandsons many years ago, I believe-- that s-i-l patched with some lumber she had lying about. Which worked for as long as it did but was obviously no a long term solution. So now there's a new safe door into the garden, and my only objection is that it's a staring white rather than the retiring brown of old. My own garage door is white but it sits in deep shade through most of the day, while next door's half of the garden, denuded of lilac and plum tree alike, lies open to the blistering sun.