April 29th, 2021

hasui rain

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I've cooked chicken in the crockpot before; I've even cooked free-range in the crockpot: but it's nothing like the falling off the bone results you get with a Happy Hen chicken. Now maybe it's that I had a whole chicken and not just breasts, and maybe it's the unctuous concentrated chicken stock I used. But the results are spectacular. I'm just not sure I'll do it again. Quite apart from price ($30 for a small chicken) the house still smells of chicken even though I washed all the dishes and the counters and even the stove thoroughly with the heavy-duty grease cutting stuff.

Because I had to be up at 9 on Tuesday I woke up every half hour from 6 a.m, onwards and finally gave in and got up at 8. So yesterday I slept in to past 11. And today I woke in the early dawn greyness and my body said You're awake and I said No I'm not, and I lay in bed listening to the rain for probably an hour before my body gave up and I went back to sleep for another two hours. Sleep is my one guaranteed pleasure these days and I refuse to give it up just because my body occasionally thinks I should sleep like an old person, for five hours a night.

The roof is supposed to be done in a month or so but I have my doubts. This year is reminiscent of 2017 when I contracted to have the flat roof done in mid- March and the weather was finally dry enough in early May. It's rain rain rain until at least next Wednesday and my joints are telling me all about it. I've started taking collagen to see if that will make any difference, though the results won't show for at least a month. If CBD oil does nothing, I don't hold much hope for fishy stuff.