April 28th, 2021

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April is an achy month, end story. OTOH I've stopped drinking g&ts and therefore dropped a kilo. I'm not sure that gin really does work as an analgesic so I hope to continue not drinking g&ts for the foreseeable future. But a glass of vermouth does help the owies some.

My nurse friend called me yesterday to see what I was up to. I've written to her but didn't want to text or call because new baby = do not do anything to wake mother. Baby is almost four months now and cooed and gurgled into the phone as we were talking. But cell phone conversations are an exercise in frustration. I'm sure I lost half of what she was saying just because of the technical inadequacies.


Pratchett, The Colour of Magic
-- boy was that painful. Partly reading on the tablet, partly just early Pratchett.

The Medieval Murderers, The Tainted Relic
-- aside from the basic unlikelihood of a bunch of Christians believing that a Muslim's curse could taint the blood of Christ? Uh, yeah.

Reading now?

Pratchett, The Light Fantastic
-- before I can forget what happened in TCoM. At least it's dead tree, which reads faster

Collins, The Woman in White
-- bicycle reading. Being a little slow. Am not down with the eeevil mechanations of eeevil Italians.


Will some day get to A Radical Act of Free Magic. If I ever get my brain back.