April 24th, 2021

koitsu benkei bridge

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If and when I get my next shot, which won't be until August unless the Canadian gov't can get more supplies, remind me that I'm having all the same symptoms eight and nine days later that I did day of (tiredness, fuzz, joint ache, head). So they're all down to pressure changes and allergies, and a bit, at present, to indulgence in pork sausages. Like cabbage, I keep thinking I like sausages, and I do, but sausages do not like me.

However, made it to the laundromat and got half of 'requires hot water/ heavy duty machine' wash done (towels, bathmat, fleecy that caught part of that spilled pudding mix). There's a throw rug that's been waiting months to be washed but that also requires two straight days of dry weather to hang on the line, which in our case we have not got. Also made it to the cafe up the street and had my first latte since the fall, which should have helped with the head but doesn't seem to.

Unseasonable warmth after unseasonable cold has brought the sakura out on my tree, like snow against the cream skies.