April 12th, 2021

hasui rain

April 1, Acupuncture 0

My last session left me limber for almost a week, but the April showers of yesterday and today, and tomorrow and Thursday as well probably, guarantee it just ain't happening this week. So it's put on the braces and sip on the gin. Am inclined to spend the next two days on bed, under quilts, with the electric heater on, and my embarras de richesses of reading material. Two ebooks came from the library yesterday, and today G's copy of A Radical Act of Free Magic appeared as well, English post being almost back to normal. I think. My time sense is still covid-screwed, but it certainly was a matter of weeks not months. So thank you, G.

However if it stops raining I must get out to a post box and mail my accountants their cheque and my signed tax form so the gov't wheels can start turning. Our tax system is slightly bonkers: you have to calculate your own taxes and submit the forms to the gov't, which then recalculates your taxes to see if their figures agree with yours. I suppose it's easier to have you assemble all the paperwork for things like health bills and childcare expenses than for them to do it, but I'm sometimes envious of countries who do all the tax work for their citizens.

Also the weekend's unseasonable warmth started all the trees budding so my allergies are back again. Even quarantined at home, the sneezes and throat itches still happen, but at least they're happening a month later than usual.