April 8th, 2021

hasui saitama mountains

In which I am solvent if headachey

Jump through hoops with UPS to find out why the package from Burnaby BC is said to have been delivered to Scarborough and when I finally get them to give me details turns out to be the package *I* sent to the accountants a week ago Wednesday. Then, in swift order, UPS brings the package from BC and Purolator brings me my finished taxes. Good news is that I get a refund of sorts, but of course I didn't work 9.5 months last year, and they charge no more than my old accountant did. And actually my OAS is not being cut, my provincial benefits are increasing. Do get your government services straight, Johnson. So that's good news. Even better is that I somehow paid my gas bill twice last month, so instead of owing the near $200 I've been paying during this cold stay-at-home winter, I have close to $100 in credit, *and* my March-April usage is less than half it was last month (and last year, for that matter) and it will probably stay that way because we're in for a warm spring.

On the strength of which I booked a covid shot for next week, and also had a g&t, and then ordered two more bottles of gin because however solvent I am, the pressure changes from today's unseasonable warmth and the gusty April winds mean I hurt, and like the warm weather am likely to go on doing so.