April 7th, 2021

hisui from rasetsunyo

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Dreamed an actual coherent ghost story last night, most of which stayed with me on waking. I was staying at a kind of northern cottage, or a house in the lake region, with an old man and woman, and everything was fine until she wanted me to move downstairs to another room. And after that they started acting weird in ways I couldn't define until the cops showed up, led by a black guy, and they started poking and knocking on things. There were corpses inside the hollow trunk of a tree that grew inside the house- 'maybe 150'- and the old man certainly and his wife maybe were also dead. But then the old man's wendigo spirit took over the head cop, whose eyes went milky, and that's when the phone woke me up.

The phone was probably another scam call and not the dentist I assumed it was, because there was no message. Some time thereafter I got a call from the accountancy firm, who has my return ready. 'So can you come and get it?' My sweet summer child, there's a pandemic on and you're at the ends of beyond and your letter said this would all be done online. But that was the chief accountant's letter and this was one of the underlings. She's going to courier it to me and it will arrive 'some time in the next five business days' oh joy. Because I will be out Friday and out Monday. 'Is there some place they can deliver it instead where someone will be in?' Sweet summer child, no. We do not all have concierges or workplaces, not in the current pandemic-have-you-noticed. So I hope they call the number I provided before attempting a delivery.


Gaiman, Neverwhere
-- the best of Gaiman's oeuvre, I think. Everything else of his is not quite quite for some reason.

Reading now?

The Medieval Murderers, The Tainted Relic
-- sort of a samplar of various medieval murder writers, generally undistinguished. Though I'm checking out the one who writes Elizabethan players.

Yang, Gifts, Favors, and Banquets
-- academic study of guanxi, the Chinese version of コネ I think, the grease that oils the social wheels. Heavy-duty bicycle reading.

Gaiman, Stardust
-- because I remember absolutely nothing about this. So far, it's Gaiman does Mirrlees.


I suppose I could reread The Princess Bride,