April 5th, 2021

pissy red dragon from tammylee

Would like to emulate my grandmother...

...and take to my bed for the rest of my life. Only she had servants and I do not.

Eh well, got to the drugstore for Benadryl and Gravol so I'm fortified against some of the side effects of the covid shot, if and when. Still not champing at the bit to get it because if it makes everything that usually aches ache worse, then I shall be completely immobilized, given how immobilized I am now. A bit better after an acupuncture session but still remarkably owie in both muscles and joints. I'm inclined to wait for a less debilitating month than April, frankly. Even if the allergies are, as last year, muted by indoors and masks, allergies are still happening and my system is registering them at some level.

Also got to the dollar store which didn't have the kind of slippers I wanted or the strength of reading glasses I wanted but did have underwear which might fit. I have enough underwear in the ordinary way of things ie if I can do laundry, but won't have enough if I'm unable to do laundry for a month. But that's thinking very far ahead at this point.

Also however missing brace turns up on the downstairs sofa, so that's ok.