March 28th, 2021

hasui rain

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DW ate a post last night and I was too achy to retype it. Almost-April showers doing their thing.

Stumbled on maybe the latest chapter of Saiyuku Reload Blast in someone's tumblr the other night, and made my way through about half of it. Kanji study has indeed paid off, and ahh natsukashii to see Sanzou and Sharak and Hakkai leafing through manuscripts to see just what's up with Nataku, and finding the sources very uninformative as ever. Disover that apparently I never bought vol 1 and didn't know about vol 3 so ordered them from Mail from Japan takes months these days so they'll arrive when they arrive. There are translated scans online but their numbering is confusing and the translation is meh and I've contracted viruses from pages like that, so I'll wait for the Japanese. But I do miss kagenami's scans and up to dateness: the fandom seems extremely fractured just now.

When I was working, daily washing was a necessity. Now I'm not, I wonder at my reluctance to get into the shower of an evening. Can only conclude it has something to do with having to take my knee braces off, that otherwise I live in. Peeling them off hurts, and walking without them hurts, and so...