March 24th, 2021

dragons got claws!

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That high anxiety activity known as Getting Tax Stuff Together ends with the usual panic stations when my 2020 propery tax statement vanishes. In fact all my property tax statements have vanished (we get two a year) except the 2021 interim bill even though I never ever throw them out. But before I go online and see if the city will tell me what I paid I tear apart all the various paper repositories in the house because I know I found the final statement in one of them and left it there, reasoning that if I moved it I'd never find it again. Yes well. Was in the side bedroom, and why it was there is anyone's guess because what was I doing with it?

However. That's that sorted.


Kij Johnson, The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe
-- as I say, if people feel moved to write correctional Lovecraft, fine, but even second-hand Lovecraft leaves me in a bad mood.

Reading now?

Waggoner, Unnatural Magic
-- so far so good. Would read better in paper

Ellery Queen, Calamity Town
-- I think fictional Ellery has laid hold of the wrong end of the stick. Shall find out in 150 pages if he does

The Metaphysical Poets
The Mabinogion

-- desultory reading

Next up?

Might go back to The Woman in White, might not.