March 23rd, 2021

ima ichiko shikigami

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We've been hitting double digit temps the last few days, mid-teens. Not hot hot, but enough to ensure spring smells. The nights are still furnace-on cold, below freezing. All set to change by Friday but nice for the moment. I was out yesterday but in all today. Brother visited, which was pleasant: I become much more rational with a little human interaction. Grocery delivery came. Handed the guy a tip in an envelope as I do, and he said, 'Thanks. I'll put this in the raffle we have once a year.' Which I suppose is a way of sharing the wealth, though you'd think an equally-divvied pot would be fairer, as I'm given to understand that some people have stopped tipping delivery persons entirely.

Canadian Tire takes six weeks to deliver their orders, even using a deicated delivery service, but the filter for my Dirt Devil finally arrived and it now vacuums much more efficiently than it did. So I vacuumed the kitchen and downstairs, which I need to do sevetal times a week now, thanks to my peanut eating habit.

Coupla ebooks arrived on the tablet so I started the shorter of the two, The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe. Was recommended by someone online is why I put a hold on it, but I probably should have googled it, or simply been faster with the resonances, because I was well into the thing before I realized we were riffing on Lovecraft. Riffing on Lovecraft only works if you've read Lovecraft ie we're writing fanfic here and for that you need to know the canon. But by me Lovecraft is simply... unnecessary. Surplus to requirements. Serves no purpose. If everyone just forgot his existence in a wave of global amnesia, the world of fantasy would be not a whit the worse off. No one reads The Castle of Otranto or William Beckford any more (English majors aside, and even that may have changed since my time), so why do people still read Howard's bloated magenta prose? especially since Walpole and Beckford actually wrote better than he did.

Oh well. De gustibus... After all, there are people who read Dan Brown. There are even people who *can* read Dan Brown, which boggles the mind.