March 20th, 2021

jiip sad

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Up and down, up and down:

Up: he-NND was out front this morning while yet another roofer paced overhead. The quotes so far are much under what I'd feared, and it's possible that we can get rid of the vexed chimney stack entirely, which otherwise must be repaired for big bu$$. He-NND wrestled my bike down the steps for me and reiterated that if I need anything, please do call him, making me wish yet again that he lived next door.

Down: Dave cannot fix my bike because the seat is rusted in place. So of course when I got to the bank, once again I got stuck and couldn't get off. Must remember that the left side must always be higher than the right, meaning get off on the right side of the road. I can try what WD-40 accomplishes for the seat post but am not sanguine.

Up: as I was pushing bike up front path a woman with a gaggle of kids had stopped to social distance three metres away. She called my name and asked how I was doing and said 'You have my number, right? Call me if you need anything.'

Down: prosopagnosia. I have no idea who she was. I mean, I thought I did, but the kids were the wrong age to be D. She looks a bit like one of the mothers from ten or twelve years ago but that seems unlikely. Still it's heartening to have people willing to look after me, especially if they mean it. Have had experience of those who don't eg 'call me if you need any erranding done while you're laid up ' except actually she'll be in India all that month.

Up: doctor emails me that the province actually *will* vaccinate 64 and older now with the AZ, even though the webpage says it won't. They're still saying Moderna for 80 and up, AZ for 60-64. Shots available at a pharmacy down on Bloor.

Down: I don't want the AZ. I don't want any two dose shot, not when my mobility is as fraught as it is. Since I'll be sick as a dog with it, because I always am with flu shots, I prefer to be sick only once. Especially as I have to be sick alone.

Up and down: system had its post-antibiotic last hurrah last night so was up till 3 reading Ellery Queen while it got over it. Am down half a kilo this morning, and really think it should have been more.

Down and up: I wash my masks by hand but figured I really should do a proper wash with them. And I have these mesh bags, intended for holding fruit and veg when shopping to avoid vinyl ones, but will do fine for laundry. They have pull string closings. Pull string closings do not stay closed so what I ended with was a Rat King of masks. The ties on one frayed so badly there was no untangling it, so I shall have to sew new ones for it. But at least i have clean masks.