March 14th, 2021

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Have been neglecting the kanji study for a week or so. Got back toit today and feel more like myself. Also did two sets of bicycling because I've been eating take-out-- pizza, dumplings, club sandwiches: starch and fat, basically-- and need to undo the damage. Ontario is well into its third wave and I'm not betting on elective surgeries being allowed next month, but the working theory is surgery in 6-7 weeks.

Otherwise have been reading sections of the Mabinogion, the later romances- Owain and Peredur- rather than the earlier Four Branches. My recollection is that the Four Branches are 100 Demons-style unheimlich/ fantoddy, but so are the romances. Talk all you like about Norman and Christian influences, the bare Jungian bones show through the knightly trappings. Come to that, the knightly trappings are pretty strange too: all these warriors hanging about the woodland challenging anyone who shows up, all these maidens in castles bringing the warrior armour and horses, and the way Peredur and other knights keep falling in love with different women and winning their love and then... going off and doing it again. By my count Peredur has four 'she whom I love the best's at the very least.