March 12th, 2021

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Discover by accident ie poking around menues which evidently is how you're supposed to find techy things out, that the command to kill images is located in Chrome's privacy settings, which OK fine. But this allows me to scratch an itch of half a century's standing. The Egyptian Unknown Prince aka the Screaming Prince (whose corpse I have no desire to view thank you very much) has been identified as the parricidal son of Ramses III, who managed to off himself while undergoing interrogation about same. The Turin Judicial papyrus says he was left alone, presumably in the Egyptian equivalent of the library with a pistol containing a single bullet, and was then found dead: possibly because you don't execute princes however unnatural. That might explain the oddities of his burial. Like, he murdered his father so yes we embalm his body, but not in the usual way, and we wrap his mummy in a sheepskin which is considered unclean, and then... we put him in a royal tomb? that gets robbed like all the royal tombs, so his body gets gathered up along with a whole buncha pharaohs and put in one of the mass reburials of later times. Which is, again, OK fine. But at least he's no longer unknown.

Tooth has calmed down nicely but it seems I no longer bounce back from 90 minute dental procedures. Napped yesterday, slept like log last night, want to nap today. And hurt all over, which could equally be early spring sudden pressure/ temperature changes. The wind that was banging about yesterday and blowing in monsoon rains continues to bang about today, blowing in a cold front. Yawn yawn.