March 11th, 2021

hasui clouds of glory

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So that was the tooth that was. A bit achy unless I forget what I'm doing and bite down on it and then OMG the agony. 'Take your ordinary painkillers,' says the chirpy dental assistant, 'Tylenol or ibuprofen or whatever.' No dear: I take the Tylenol and codeine that the emergency dentist gave me last November and think rather worse of your endodontist for not offering me more. Might not have taken them- codeine does not play nicely with antibiotics and I have six more days of those- but he could at least have asked. Mind, trying to remember when to take any one of three medications is puzzling my sleep-starved brane, but as long as the 4x a day antibiotics gets into me every 4 hours I shan't worry.

Only I'm supposed to gargle with salt water and don't feel like limping downstairs to do it. Apparently Listerine is too harsh on the operated gum.

Also my bro came by to pick up mail and drop off New Yorkers but I was out and so didn't get to visit with him.

Ridiculously warm today-19C/ +/-65F- until early evening when mud clouds and slashing rain moved through. Supposedly down to freezing tonight, a balmy 10C tomorrow, and then back to 'chance of flurries' seasonable temps. March: in like lion, ot like lion, occasionally lamblike in between.