March 8th, 2021

jiip sad

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Henh. Got a cab the other day, fare was 5 and change, gave him a twenty and said Do you have a ten? Normally I make it a five, especially if they've fitted plastic between the front and the back and kept the windows open. But he didn't do either and I was feeling ketchi and figured a 95% tip is good enough for once. He gave me five twonies, except he didn't: he gave me four twonies and a quarter, which is an easy mistake to make. Have done it myself often. But as I get change ready for the laundromat, I realize he didn't give me four twonies. He gave me three twonies and what seems from the writing to be an Ethiopean coin, that looks exactly like a twonie- silver edge, gold centre. Only it doesn't have the Ethiopian lion on it, just a man's head on one side and an abstract design on the other showing rays of the sun, maybe, and what looks like a siamese headdress. Wonder what it can be?

ETA it looks like a siamese headdress because it is a siamese headdress. It's 10 Thai bhat, and I wonder why I didn't google Thai currency.