March 5th, 2021

pissy red dragon from tammylee

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Scam call two hours before I really wanted to be awake (really, just say Uh-huh yes that was me spending $400 on ebay at 5 this morning, yes and that was me spending $1100 at the apple store, you can allow those charges, no it's ok go ahead) and so I was awake. To avoid Slough of Despond thoughts I called the accountants to clear up something in their letter and then rollatored out into the bright windy cold to get a chicken from the super to roast on Tuesday when I shall be without heat from 8 to 2 pm and nowhere to go to be warm. However, asparagus is back in season: I might start eating healthy again.

But because I was drooling over pizza last night I ordered that 2 for $9 each deal and instead of getting two small, one for today and one to freeze, I somehow got two mediums and ate rather more of the first than I should have. Healthy will start, well, not tomorrow, but maybe Monday.

Next door has stopped listening to opera but is now onto avant garde something. Or maybe their four year old is learning the violin. From the sounds it really could be either.