March 2nd, 2021

hasui moon at magome

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How odd. I find myself back in the late 80s, when I was renovating my current house. Evidently an English-speaking plumber is the ticket to another time.

Was rather dreading this plumberly visit, but at least it turned out OK? Presumably I can now shower without worry. And finally, after 30+ years, I discover what's with the kitchebn pipes. Bref, Signor Do-it-myself put them in an inch higher than they should have been, and that was the beginning of my misery. Odd that my workman didn't twig to this when he was renovating the kitchen back in '88, but he didn't. Maybe he was distracted by that joist Signor Do-it-myself cut through to put the sink in...

And for the first time in nearly a year, I find myself wanting to bike out to a restaurant for restorative drinks+food. Feels so odd that I can't.