February 27th, 2021

pissy red dragon from tammylee

Minor annoyances of life

Limped up to postal outlet at the end of the street to buy stamps, only to find it closed. In a snit, got me pad thai from the restaurant next door, which will provide dinner for the next three days or more.

Elbows have been catchy-owie for a day or two but because of previous paragraph are now electric-shock OUCH.

After eight volumes of acrostics using boilerplate nonfiction passages, Mr Dickman has turned to works of fiction. This is good in that I can no longer count on the set phrases that turn up so often in run of the mill modern style, and bad in that a very few words will often tell me exactly which book it is. Record to date: two clues gave me a word b-e-blank-blank, read-down author's name gave me to start 'l-blank-blank-i-blank-a', and I knew I was looking at a passage from Little Women.

I eat in the shell peanuts because if I eat shelled ones I eat too many. Ordered a bag from Loblaws which only had 2 kg bags of the cheap no frills house brand, which is a lot of peanuts: but every fourth shell turns out to be empty. There's probably half a cup of loose peanuts at the bottom of that bag which I won't see for a few weeks now.