February 26th, 2021

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

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Tomorrow's forecast: 'periods of snow mixed with rain. High 8.' Now, in my 70 years of experience (65 if you're counting Japanesely from 'when first became aware of surroundings'), it doesn't snow at 8C/ 46F. I shall watch tomorrow with interest, because I'd actually like to get up to the not-postal outlet that won't send packages but does sell stamps.

I've been reviewing kanji almost every day, wirh very few lapses, since September, and have only got through 400-odd of the basic 2000. Maybe 500 if you factor in disambiguations, where I have to track down all the kanji I regularly confuse this one with. (As eg 既 即 却 概 慨 or 疑 擬 凝) And review the ones I've covered, and review and review and review because I'll still be writing 殴 for 投, or vice versa, even after fifteen times through. I don't wonder why I'm doing it- it has no purpose but to fill the time- but I do wonder how long it will take to remember these kanji that I theoretically learned 30 years ago and more. Then again I note that after two years of strengthening exercises I can now do a bridge without my calves immediately cramping and spasming. So fine. How long will it take? Forever.

...And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass.