February 21st, 2021

hasui: winter moon

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Electrician comes tomorrow at 10 which means being up at 8:30 or so in order to be breakfasted and mobile and able to negotiate the basement stairs. I usually use ativan for this, to guarantee sleep of some sort, but I'm down to my last half tablet and need to keep it in case someone else- dentist, surgeon- wants me to be somewhere at 9 which means getting up at 7. Nor can I rely on the beeping snow plow that woke me irrevocably on Friday at 7:15 nor the three hallucinatory ringing phones that woke me at 8:15 on Saturday. (The world is not kind to nighthawks. Electrician wanted to come at 8.)

Could ask my new doctor for some more ativan but think I must ask her instead for more opioid cough syrup. Am looking at root canal and crown just as the spring allergy strangle cough makes its reappearance, and it's always worse when I'm supine. Tooth went ballistic last night but I hope, fingers crossed, that was because sinuses were stuffed and that saline rinse will keep it quiet for the next two and a half weeks. Would have been ten days but they wanted me in at, yes, 9 a.m.

Loose-endedly, am reading Duckett's Carolingian Portraits to have it read. Not rivetting reading; distinguished only by the fact that she calls the royal Pepins, Pippin, which makes for a nice mental picture.