February 12th, 2021

hasui snow scene

Happy New Year to those who celebrate it

It snowed last night, most unexpectedly, which I hope accounts for the state of Ow I woke up and languished in through the rest of the day. Looked at the week's forecast and thought, Not going out in that, and then remembered that actually I am, acupuncture Monday and dentist Tuesday. Oh woe. Then got dressed, put on boots and coat and gloves to shovel the snow, only to discover my blessed southern neighbour had done it for me.

Winter always makes me hungry. I look at Door dash menues and drool at the thought of pizza and hamburgers and cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries, and put together an order, and then close the browser and go have cod fillets and cabbage instead. Or did this time. Must remember never to cruise these apps when I'm hungry because then they're irresistible.