February 11th, 2021

hasui clouds of glory

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Woke up at my once upon a time regular hour, which is 9:15, and for once was awake at that hour, no rolling over and sliding back to sleep, so for once (again) had breakfast before 10 instead of at 12. Only now I'm yawning at 9:15 p.m.

Must rethink Thursday acupuncture because no matter when I schedule it, the garbage trucks lumber up my street half an hour before, just as I call my cab. Today I walked down to the corner to call, so we could go in the other direction. But as we turned onto Manning, the usual route to the main drag, there of course was another truck blocking the street. Bloody traffic mazes: I never voted for them, but then neither did anyone else. They were thrust upon us.

Never did lose the weight from Christmas and birthday, and then ten days ago I bought 18 frosted sugar cookies from a friend and devoured them in five days, so now I'm back up to September stats. Thus did two bouts of bicycle today and had roast cabbage for dinner. I like cabbage in moderation, but when you live alone one cabbage is too much. St least it keeps for a while but I'm glad I'm finished with this one. Only I'm not- I'll be eating roast cabbage for the next three days at least.