February 4th, 2021

hasui saitama mountains

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Took the rollator over to the supermarket. Discovered that it's much easier than walking the bike and almost easier than riding the bike. Hell on the elbows but everything else is pretty good. I thought I could put one of the wire baskets on the seat to hold purchases but it seems wire baskets have been banished for the duration. So stuff either goes in the rollator's basket or balances precariously on the seat, meaning one can't do a major shop with it. But I only wanted this and that before my grocery delivery comes tomorrow, and got it, except of course for cold water Tide. Got Sunlight instead and hope it works in cold water.

So I was all ready to go for walks again, but it's going to snow for the next week or ten days, and rollators don't go in snow. Or not with my elbows, at least.