February 2nd, 2021

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

Burnt-out ends of smoky days

I haven't been able to buy cold water Tide laundry detergent all year. Have been using regular, which has a way of leaving powder trails on my black clothes. (Can't use hot water because my machine leaks if I do.) Finally found cold water pods which are better than nothing, though being an impatient Torontonian (like New Yorkers, always in a hurry) I hate the 'detergent first, wait till it's filled with water, add clothes last' schtick. But it should cure the salt stain syndrome. Only at what a cost! They don't advertise the pods as being scented but they are, they so are. My clothes are hanging on wires in the laundry room in the basement at the other end of the house: and the smell creeps up the basement stairs, turns around and creeps up the first floor stairs, and tickles my nose here in the side bedroom.

We won't mention the adult-proof ziplock bag the things come in. 'Close bag after use', they say. God no. I can't be spending ten minutes trying to get at my detergent every time I do laundry.

Discover my local Thai/ Italian/ burger/ nandemoii restaurant allows you to pay the delivery guy in cash. This is a relief because I misread my VISA statement in December and nearly maxxed out my card in January. Thus must limit my purchases. Thanks to those silver stocks I do have money, but it's in an account that isn't set up to be used online and is thus useless for paying bills. Was going to get it set up last March yes well. Anyway, celebrated with penne pasta (a no-no) and Malaysian vegetables (a yes-yes). And bicycled an extra half hour to balance the calories.

E-book finally came through on Libby after two months hold, The Bone Shard Daughter. I read a chapter, checked the stats, and sent it back to the six people waiting for this copy. No way I can read a 400 page fantasy on the tablet, especially not a secondary world fantasy. Like Black Leopard, Red Wolf, I need words on a paper page to parse the thing at all. And like the James novel, I want to get it from Bakka but Bakka wants me to pick up my purchases. So some day when the roads reopen and I can bicycle. It's not like Ihave nothing to read in the meantime.

I can understand why a letter from Singapore would take the better part of two months to get here (and Zan, if you're reading, thank you so much for the pretty cards and the pretty dragon) but today I also got a Christmas card from the states postmarked December 22. The election was over in November, guys. What took you?