January 25th, 2021

hasui snow scene

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Evidently a Pepsi at 4:30 without prophylactic muscle relaxants or antihistamines means wide awake till past 3. Usually I'm content to lie in the dark and drift but this was AWAKE awake, so I got up and checked Barbara Mertz. Because an acrostic clue earlier had said 'fifth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty' and wanted me to believe it was Hatshepsut while I made it Thutmose II. That's because I start the 18th with Kamose and obviously other people don't. But I'd also, in the umm 35 years since I was up on these things, misplaced a couple of Amenhoteps and a Thutmose and wanted to refresh my memory. Turns out tney were eminently misplaceable- at least Amenhotep 2 and Thutmose 4.

I could have done all this more comfortably on my phone, but wikipedia *will* stick photos of the relevant mummies into the articles, and I really can't be having with the long dead at 3 a.m. Or any other time, come to that. Browsers used to let you block all pictures but if Chrome does that, I can't figure how.

Otherwise it's going to snow tomorrow and my knees have been telling me all about it, in detail, even with acupuncture.