January 24th, 2021

jiip happy


After eight months, succeeded in pumping my bicycle tires myself, something my elbows would have screamed at if I'd tried it in the fall. Had to pay to have it done over the summer, and then the guy was one of those tiresome people who think 50 pounds is quite enough for a tire that says 60. I'm amazed that I was able to bike these last months, let alone not get a flat, because the pressure had gone down to 20 pounds which is where I usually find myself sweating and panting to get the thing to move at all. Maybe my leg strengthening exercises are actually strengthening my legs? Nor do I expect my elbows to continue as lamblike as they are today. But I'll take my respites when I get them.

Also vacuumed and swiftered the kitchen floor. Missing Berkinstock was behind the vacuum cleaner where there's no earthly reason for it to be, but fine. The local poltergeist has returned it and that's all that matters.