January 4th, 2021

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

In which I am plutocratic

Had an ill-advised Pepsi last night before checking the time of my appointment today, which was 12:45 and not the 2:45 I thought it was. This, when I regularly sleep in to noon, was a bit disastrous. In the end I had one of those rising falling nights, where I drift off for a bit but then come to, and was awake for good at the unheard of hour of 8:15. But I got a good forty-five minutes of stretch and strengthen exercises in and was awake when my investment advisor called, a little after 10, to get my verbal OK on them transferring several thousand dollars to my tax free savings account. I'd totally forgotten I had one of those and was unaware that I had several thousand dollars to transfer into it, but happy news all the same. And was awake too when the markets opened at 10:30 and my pitiful mining stocks inched up above a dollar a share, which is the price I've been saying I'd sell at if they ever got out of the 30 cents a share doldrums. Note that I paid ten dollars a share for them ten years ago, which I don't hope to see again. Only, since hope springs eternal and these markets make no sense at all, I dumped only half of my stocks, for the value of a month's wages back in the days, and shall file a capital loss come April, supposing I can figure out how to do that.

However am now registering lack of sleep, not helped by returned allergies in the above freezing dank. Thus shall pass on my kanji study for the day. I've been doing this since Septemberish in an open-ended 'why not?' fashion. I don't think I'll ever remember them all, since constant review and repetition is only partially successful, but as there's nothing else to do, why not?