December 24th, 2020

hasui snow scene

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Achievement of the day was bringing my bicycle inside, which I haven't done since the spring-- mostly because of uncertainty as to whether I still could. Several times this year I've had kind strangers call from the sidewalk asking if I need a hand, which suggests that I certainly *look* as if I can't manage. But evidently part of the problem was that broken wobbly step that required fine judgment as to where one stands on it, and another part was the width of the old steps, which were wider than usual. In any event, yes I can still push my bike up the stairs and it's now warm and dry inside while the snow and sleet fall outdoors. Whether biking is done for the season remains a case by case scenario, because we're promised inching-above-freezing and occasional rain for the next little while. Whether that will melt the promised 4-6"/ 10-15cm remains to be seen, as equally whether we actually get the promised 4-6"/ 10-15cm. I may hope not, but will definitely be shovelling something come tomorrow. When I don't need to go anywhere, not even next door.