December 1st, 2020

hasui snow scene

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I must be succumbing to lockdown again because November registers as a nothing month. I did things, things happened- boy, did they happen- but nothing made much of an impression. Not the two weeks long week post-election, or the eight days of false spring that overlapped it, or eating out on patios. It rains and snows and memory says it has always rained and snowed and anything else... didn't happen.

Am reminded of that don in Gaudy Night who remarks that some muddy-complexioned woman should eat carrots and clear out her system, because I roasted carots last night and jeez, how does anyone? No matter how long you bake them for, no matter how much oil or liquid they sit in, they remain rock hard while the marinade caramalizes and carbonizes around them. Ate them anyway because I was too achy to cook anything else. They cleared out my system. Thank you, carrots.

Got a grocery order in today, including a self-indulgent strawberry-rhubarb pie, and indulged in a large slice of that for lunch. Innards will alway be soothed by sweetness and starch.

Currently reading The Honjin Murders. The translation is awfully Gee golly whee! Wonder how the Japanese reads and am nealy tempted to order a volume from But prudence, prudence.