November 30th, 2020

hasui rain

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Things I never knew: that the valves inside a shower get gunked up with lime and so on and need replacing every decade or so. This is why my shower leaks from the faucet, though the water pressure from the shower head is still fine because I removed the doohickey that's supposed to conserve water by restricting flow. (Which has never made any sense to me, because with restricted flow you have to take longer showers to get wet or rinse shampoo or whatever.) Well, fine, I have heavy duty lime remover knocking about at the back of the bathroom cupboard. But it has an adult-proof cap of the push and tutn variety and I can no longer push hard enough to make it turn. When it stops raining/ snowing and I can go up and down my steps I might ask NND to apply his male upper body strength to it. And meanwhile I shall see what a bag of white vinegar wrapped around the faucet can accomplish. Not much, I expect, because it's hard to get the shower mechanism submerged. Would pay for a plumber to do this but COVID cases in Toronto are well over 500 and no, I don't want to take the chance.

Make my way slowly through 100 Demons, still very confusing, but the third story is all Kagyuu's kids at the house and Aoarashi planning mischief. We still must deal with the Niigata family but at least not that much. And I despair that my months of kanji review doesn't help me with vocabulary: I forget the on-yomi or the kun-yomi or sometimes both of charscters I've reviewed a dozen times. Truly, reading Murakami gives one a false sense of mastery that reading manga at one explodes.