November 24th, 2020


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It's a comment on my sad lockdown life that a visit to the dentist leaves me feeling so cheerful! for the human interaction. And a little sad that neither of my cabbies was the chatty type. But I got to talk! with the assistant! about politics! and travelling! and idiots who won't wear masks! and the emergency clinic that was supposed to give me my xrays but didn't, and when asked to fax them over to my dentist, sent a photo of them taken with a cellphone, oy vey. But we decided to wait and see what my tooth does before bringing in the heavy artillery ie root canal from a specialist (= add a good $1000) plus a crown and possibly a partial plate. Teeth, man.

Not helped by me throwing prediabetic concerns to the wind afterwards and ordering in from a dessert company: grilled cheese, ice coffee, chocolate cake. Yum. Back to vegetables tomorrow.

Ima Ichiko grows no clearer with time. First story in the tankoubon is a Kai clear as mud one. Wish I had a living dictionary, not so much for the Japanese as to point out the detail in the picture that I'm so obviously missing in my oblivious gaijin fashion.