November 23rd, 2020

human aoarashi

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Lord, what an achey day. Dank, cold, grey. You know, Toronto. This is going to be a long winter.

Two nice things to report. Had to cab it to acupuncture. If I wonder where those lost 7 kg came off of, as I see no great diference when I look in the mirror, I need wonder no more. I can now find the clip for the seatbelt easy no problem. No Kama Sutra contortions required.

And there was a slender parcel in the mailbox when I got back. I'm expecting boots and this was not those. No, it was Hunded Demons 28, taking only six weeks to arrive airmail from Japan, not 2.5 months like the last time. Is also the 25th anniversary of same. Eheu fugaces...