November 17th, 2020

hasui winter river

Minor happinesses

Swapped out the summer polyester duvet + wool blanket for the winter down duvet. Oh so warm and cozy under that single layer, and I don't have to wear socks any more.

That sock I mended on the weekend used wool from a bag of mishmash darning wool I inherited from my mother, meaning it's a good 50 years old. Investigated bag later to see what else it holds and discovered my long lost and much missed wooden darning mushroom. (Full disclosure: I used a tennis ball to darn my sock.) Wonder if I can use it for embroidering over those bleach stains on all my black tops, because embroidery hoops don't work that well with thin cotton.

The slowness of shopping apps added to the tendency of one of them to erase my entire order led me to inadvertently buy two bags of carrots as well as two bottles of shampoo. The shampoo will last me at least a year, given the shortness of my hair. The carrots, well...

If one believes the bike machines dial, half an hour of medium resistance biking burns 1500 calories. I don't believe it, but it would explain why my weight continues to edge downwards. Might even lead to mad indulgence like eating white rice and butter again.

The forms for property tax rebates came out late this year, so I didn't know when or- in view of my evident prosperity- *if* I'd qualify, but indeed the city lowered this month's installment by a month and change worth. Of course since the current withdrawals average in the three spring months they didn't collect, I still had to pay something, but that's $650 to the good. Or to the credit card, to be more precise.