November 14th, 2020


That's a new one

Last night's frustration dream was having an erotic scenario sabotaged because the dream protagonist, of uncertain sex, was unable to find batteries for their vibrator.

Someone else wants the library copy of Umibe no Kafuka. Do not feel like wading through the remaining 200 pages to get it done by Tuesday. Goodreads tells me I won't get any answers anyway, and I don't really want to read the translation. Especially since it appears Rubin translates 'boku no katai penisu' as 'my rock-hard cock.' Which may be the nuance included in using the English word, for all I know to the contrary. The yaoi I've read doesn't use a specific noun for it at all- the usual sore (that) and mono (thing)- but feels weird. I seem to recall having problems with Rubin before. But that leaves me with a 'what do I read instead?' Piles of manga, but manga print is small and I find manga dialogue much more difficult than straight forward prose. Oh well, there must be something.

In technological weirdness, my phone has taken to flipping any selfies I take of myself, left to right, and I can't figure out why, even by the time tested and, as I understand it, SOP of clicking anything clickable on the screen. Doesn't flip photos, just selfies.