November 2nd, 2020

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I play CDs while peddling my under the table peddling machine because it helps distract me from bored-silly 'has it been thirty minutes yet?' thoughts. (No it hasn't. When the pedals stick is when it's been thirty minutes.) Am currently on the opera Best Of collection, visiting old faves. But somehow in the 90s I missed the Best Mozart Aria Evah! which is Soave sia il vento from Cosi Fan Tutte. How I missed it is a mystery, since it's on vol 3 that has a bunch of other fave arias like Puccini's Ch'ella mi creda and Ebben, ne andro lontano from La Walley. But now I have, and can listen to it on repeat, except that I've moved on to disk 4 that seems to be either Wagner and his ilk or Donizetti and his bel canto buddies, both of whom I can do without.

Best version on youtube seems to be this:

Today's post-acupuncture indulgence + consolation for owie everything all weekend tsuris , frustration dreams all night tsuris, and snow and wind while biking tsuris (ice on the front steps, ice in the fallen leaves, 50 k/ 30 mph wind gusts) was pepperoni pizza after a good year without. A hefty 880 calories but since it was lunch and dinner, and the rest of dinner was a salad, I won't repine. Nor will I repeat, because two slices should have left me stuffed but instead left me craving more pizza.