October 26th, 2020

yoshitoshi semimaru

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Hmm, I think I rather like Pachelbel's canon in the original up tempo.

Last night's early(ish) morning dream had me back at 'home' where my parents and sibs were, and me saying how nice it was because 'when I come home after work there's never anyone to talk to and I'm lonely.' This was a very convincing emotion in the dream and for a few minutes after I woke up, but then I realized that it was all backwards. When I moved into my first apartment nearly 50 years ago, yes, then when I came home from classes and on weekends there was no one to talk to, and it felt weird to go a whole day (Saturdays, f'rinstance) not speaking a word to anyone. But for decades it's been 'social contact during the day, me time when I come home,' and what I'm missing is the casual human contact from work. Well, and also the option to step next door for alcohol and conversation, a bit: while acknowledging I'd never have been able to lose weight if the option had still been open to me.

Having eaten out last week the temptation was to do it again, especially since I was already out, for acupuncture, and hadn't eaten lunch so was hungry by 3:30. As a compromise I had a take-out 'rice dog' from a new Korean place, which is a hot dog surrounded by sticky rice that's then baked. Filling, but yappari I want my hot dogs bursting from the grill and put in a bun with mustard and green pickle relish. Ah well. Have now had a sticky rice dog and need not have another.