October 25th, 2020

autumn hibiya

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Discover quite by accident (ie reading the instructions in the patients' manual) that one of the exercises I've been happily doing for months (pulling bent leg back towards body while lying down) if done slightly differently (using a theraband to pull knee at a sharper angle than I can manage alone, thus to the point of pain) actually loosens the knee up wonderfully. Thus I was able to walk a whole two blocks today without spasms, something I haven't done since last year at least.

This is useful, because Covid cases are now over 1000 a day, first time ever, and even if hospitals stay open for elective surgery, I'm not sure I want to chance three days there and two weeks in a facility. Like, I'm sure the pandemic has nursing staff being a leetle more careful than usual, and doubtless the rehab places will be half empty as well, but. I never underestimate humans' capacity for doublethink, especially among people who work long shifts, and I saw how doctors in hospitals handled SARS back in '03 ie lightheartedly ignoring thir own rules, and I am not reassured.

Meanwhile the world is October brocade- old gold, rust, deep burgundy, yellow-green- under grey clouds with the smell of woodsmoke on the wind. Best time of year ever.