October 22nd, 2020

autumn hibiya

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It's not just the half ativan I took to counteract the 6 pm Pepsi (also obscure back twinges.) I really do feel better today because I went inside an actual *bookstore* for the first time since March, and bought a pile of *books* (all Reginald Hills, which is what I was looking for in March when there weren't any, though today I was looking for Hazel Holts, but there weren't any) and it's just different than shopping for food, is all. Bookstore was closed for four months during lockdown and is only able to stay afloat because landlord cut the rent in half for the duration. Other places on the block, like the nail salon, are closed and empty. And I do so wish the 20 to 40 crowd would get their acts together so our Covid cases would drop again: though my understanding is that cases cluster now in areas of low income and high rises, suggesting it's partly an employment problem as well. Though the cluster is also in the luxury condos by the lakeshore, suggesting elevators and bloodymindedness factor in as well.

But since one must be satisfied with the world as it is, I shall be satisfied. Especially as I'm snug in my side room wearing the dragon scale arm warmers a friend crocheted for me and under a couple of incandescens' autumn coloured quilts. Having nice things around me is distinctly happy-making.