October 21st, 2020

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

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A very mild tum upset yesterday gets me to the weight I'd gloomily figured I might hit in four weeks, just before surgery. It won't last, but in celebration I ordered in Indian food: and ate a third of it. My cheekbones are shyly beginning to sharpen amid the squirrel face, so vanity is satisfied as well. And of course it would be nice to drop another two kilos if possible, just for neatness' sake.That's 16 pounds less pressure on the joints. Of course, by that calculation, I've lost 60 pounds of pressure since January but you can't prove it by my mobility.

Last finished?

Introduction to Court Poetry and Hamabe no Kafuka part 1.
-- don't know what to do about Kafka. Couldn't wait to finish the Japanese so I could go back to the translation, and now the translation feels off and I want the Japanese, but I won't get it any time soon even if I were to buy it from honto.jp. Dou shiyou, dou shiyou.

Coupla Hazel Holts, easily swallowed mysteries

Reading now?

Still with Piranesi, not liking where it's going at all.

Miner, Japanese Poetic Diaries
-- next up in the classical Japanese litrachure back reading

Robert Lowell, Imitations
-- next up in the 'get it off the shelf' poetry purge. Lowell was a git and his Introduction shows it.


No idea. I'm beginning to have deer in the headlights reaction to impending surgery, which rather shortens the attention span. Console myself that there's even odds it won't happen, as Covid cases keep on mounting and the hospital continues not to have its act together.