October 9th, 2020

pissy red dragon from tammylee

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Vexatious day. Stiff for no reason, and achy with it, which resulted in several episodes of can't get on the bike/ can't get off the bike. Fortunately there's always some nice person who stops and helps me with this, and if it happens, as it invariably does, up by Loblaws that someone is a nurse from one of the retirement homes in the area who will even lift the uncooperative leg back over the bar for me. Solution is not to try getting on/ off bike anywhere but at the corner where the sidewalk slopes and gives me high ground because I can no longer be sure of managing it on the flat. Bummer.

I don't want the hassle of a knee replacement. I want my knees to work again. But if I'm inclined to get into a state about the hassle, I can console (!) myself that our rising tide of Covid cases, which have hit heights unreached even in April, will send the hospitals back into lockdown and preempt all elective surgery.

Then my Hazel Holt mystery arrived, the one that's not in the library system, and somehow turns out to be not only in the system but one I've read. No idea how I managed that because it even has the same title ie is not one where the Americans renamed the book completely.

My turducken dinner was... not the best turducken I've ever had, and generally a letdown in the way of seemingly all delivered meals. (Not all. Only western food.) But being bloody-minded by that point I ate it all, *and* the mashed potatoes * and* the cranberry sauce *and* the bread stuffing (which was baked in a kind of scone shape and very disappointing) * and* the pumpkin mousse dessert. Starch and sugar again. Tomorrow I shall have the salad that came with it and maybe the roasted vegetables, though parsnips and turnip are not favourites of mine. But today has been a vacation of not-doing of all my daily To Does, so now I will drink a Pepsi and read my library Hazel Holt.