October 5th, 2020

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OK. So that's how it works then. Because my allergies have taken another new lease on life right when there's nothing to be allergic to, and because I had acupuncture today, and because I really don't want to be coughing during acupuncture, I took a swig of my precious prescription cough syrup. And some twenty minutes later became aware of a mellow cheerful optimistic glow, the sort wine or scotch used to give me but don't anymore. Truly, that cough syrup didn't do this the first two years I was taking it, but now it does; and now too I see why people take opioids for the buzz and not the analgedic effect. Luckily or un-, I have very little of it left and am not sure my new doctor will give me more. What I do have is an OTC cough syrup that's supposed to calm tickly coughs. It's also the one that works *with* the Covid virus. But my chances of being infected are infinitisimal, since I'm in close prolonged contact with absolutely nobody. My acupuncturist is the only person who comes within four feet of me and that's in an open breezy room with both of us masked. So I shall chance it. But would obviously rather have the addictive codeine and whatever concotion.

I've grown progressively clumsier with age, certain to knock anything over if I don't reach carefully and consciously. Spilled a whole tin of Pepsi onto the bedroom carpet the other day. Today I sent the stylus flying off the bedside table, which then rolled under the futon platform drawer and out of reach. Virtue of necessity, I shoved furniture out of the way, removed drawer, and swept underneath the platform, retrieving my stylus and various pills and rather fewer dust bunnies than I expected. But this let me go through the drawer itself, which I can't do ordinarily because it won't open fully, and I fiscover that that's where all my pantyhose were stored. I never wear them of course, but periodically I've wanted to for dress up dinners, and now I can, if there are ever dress up dinners again in my lifetime.

Equal virtue of necessity, since I need something to drown out next door's music, I've been playing those myriad CDs I bought over the last three decadesand, well, never listened to past 2002, or occasionally ever. There's stacks of them denuded of their cases, which I will reunite some day. Another quarantine project. But this time I listen to the whole thing while eating supper or pedaling my bike machine, rather than my usual habit of skipping everything but the one or two tracks I like. Result today was bicycling for almost half an hour when I'm usually ready to quit at 15 minutes. So yay me.

System can take five CDs but there seems no way to go from one to another using the remote. The controls on this thing are not intuitive. So I treat it as a one disc system, which at least alleviates technical anxiety.