September 27th, 2020

autumn hibiya

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The day was blowy and sunny and warm and I got out on the bike to tootle around the neighbourhood and eventually to the yuppie conveni for organic eggs. With which I made a Spanish tortilla, using my last-for-a-long-time potato. Tortillas involve sauteeing onions and thinly sliced potato in ridiculous amounts of olive oil until tender, and then dumping beaten eggs on top, letting it cook slooowly until bottom seems to be done. Then comes the hard part: cover pan with a dinner plate, flip pan over so tortilla falls onto plate, hopefully! in one piece, and then slide it back into the pan to cook on the bottom. Today for the first time in decades I managed the feat, though because of curved dinner plates and weak wrists I did it via two plates: flip onto back of curved plate, slide onto right side up plate, slide back into pan.

Because I don't have measurements for this dish, it's always a toss up whether I use enough eggs or not. Today I did: 4 eggs to one russet potato. Could have used twice the onion and probably three times the salt, but the latter must be restricted, so.

My boring life makes for a certain sameness in the brief entries I put in the daybook. Thus I have no idea what happened when because it's all 'did kaniji, did exercises, read French'. Anent someone's mention on the FFL I've started a bullet journal where I can simply tick off these repetitive tasks as well as noting things like when I washed my hair or vacuumed. I think that will work well.