September 17th, 2020

pissy red dragon from tammylee

Vanity of vanities

The self-love kind, not the futility/ emptiness that Ecclesiastes was talking about.

Talking about weight loss. Skip if that bothers you.

I checked my records and discovered that what I thought was my record low weight for the century was actually almost two pounds more, and I'm currently at that almost two pounds less point now. But! The first time that happened I looked amazing! Hollow cheekbones, sharp and angular and oh so elegant. I looked like the aging Isak Dinesen, only without the crepey skin. And now- my pleasant squirrel face is pleasantly apple cheeked as always and I am disappoint. It's not often people want to be their mothers but hell, I want to look like my mother who looked like Isak Dinesen to the day she died.