September 12th, 2020

autumn hibiya


Walked out to find Prof and Mrs Islamic Studies out gardening. Mrs asks 'did you hear that noise last night?' Err, no. 'Every night there's this sound, every five minutes, it kept me awake all Thursday night and I was a zombie on Friday.' 'Oh, that bingullybeep thing?' 'Yes. T (her husband) went all down the street today and we finally found what it was.' Well, not all that far down the street. South of southNND had installed a new burglar alarm system and didn't realize it was on. How they didn't boggles me, beause I could hear it with my windows closed. However, it's now off, so yay for that.

'And that party a week ago?' Oh yes, I heard that party a week ago. From the amplification I thought it was a concert three blocks away and not a backyard do half a dozen doors down. A concert at Christie Pits would have been safer than a crowd in one of our narrow back yards but, well, with luck *not* their funeral. Mrs was prepared to call the police but her son begged her not to; her son suffered hideously under quarantine, his dad says, so there was a lot of fellow feeling. They stopped at midnight even if the noise by-law says 11, so no harm done.

And then NNDs came out and I ascertained that the opera they were listening to was in fact a bunch of arias and leider, so no wonder I couldn't pin it down.