September 9th, 2020

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As long as the daycare was closed, I forgot about it completely, which was very good for my mood. Now it's open again, with very strict policies about who can come into the building (not even parents: they have to hand their kids over outside) and I really really want to go by there and see people. Even though an exchange of messages on Whatsapp yesterday reminded me why I was so happy not interacting with that very dysfunctional found family. It's just: for six months I was perfectly happy with no social interaction and now I'm... not?

Last finished?

Two Judge Dees, the first Vinyl Detective, and the Spoon River Anthology.

I was a bit put off at the casual slaughter in the VD. I mean, if these guys are offing anyone who might have the records in question in their possession, why not off the guy who's actively tracking them down? Because he can lead them to more collectors? But the VD's contacts are in the public domain, so to speak: the villains also know who the second hand sellers are, because the're offing them. Oh, and all those people selling the records on the internet who make it so easy for the VD to acquire the missing ones when he's in California- why didn't the villains think of them? Some bugs in the system there.

Reading now?

And shouldn't be: Ogawa Youko, Revenge
-- yes, really good, but oh so oogey. Can't think of something that would counter it.

Next up?

Hopefully something cheerfull