September 4th, 2020

hasui hirakawa morning

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I've had the sideroom window closed and shuttered all year while south neighbour was doing dusty renovations, and only now has the room become stuffy. So I opened it up today, now that autumnal temps are here for a bit, and the sweet smell of autumn comes into the room.

So now I've finished all the Judge Dees and am assailed by missing scenes. Some I only imagined- the useful chart at the end of Judge Dee At Work sent me to a bit in The Willow Pattern that I seem to have ignored while reading, where Ma Joong's marriage to the twins is mentioned as a future event, not something that's actually recorded. But there's another bit where Judge Dee asks his Third Lady to help him in an investigation and she's disappointed that it's not as exciting as she thought it would be. I can't remember oming across that at all, this read-through, but I'm sure I didn't imagine that one. And charts don't help there.