September 3rd, 2020

hasui clouds of glory


Laundromat trip yields me clean towels. Laundry at home yields me a clean-smelling terrycloth sheet, too thin with age to use as a sheet per se (I believe I got it in Japan, making it pushing 20 at its youngest) but lovely for wrapping about neck and shoulders while I sleep and the fan blows cool(ish) air into the room. Succeeded also in extremely brief walk around corner and back to laundromat, and think I might manage more with a cane, maybe. I can't walk in shoes but evidently I need to. Also got down onto floor for the fist time in months, which allowed me to do the one exercise that can only be done on the floor, then more importantly got back up off the floor. This requires that elbows behave themselves, so will not be an everyday occurrence, but still.

Started a Tim Powers and stopped almost immediately. Wrong time of year for his sort of oogeyness. But needed something to read at laundromat so took The Spoon River Anthology, so I could say that after sixty years I'd read all of it. Is oogey in its own fashion: 19th century America holds a host of horrors. Should have brought Judge Dee instead but yanno, library books...