August 16th, 2020


The days go by too swiftly

This is being an immensely swift month, the way April was. Half past August without me noticing it, when the last thing that registered in memory was the deluge I got caught in a scant two weeks ago, that it took my shoes a week to dry out from. A pity, because I usually like to make August last. But then I'm usually out and about in August and this year I spent the first week of it indoors.

I have a wall of quarantine-read books. Was going to stick a bunch of them in a box on the front lawn but then they called for rain both yesterday and today. Which hasn't manifested yet. Tomorrow, no doubt, when I have to go out.

Made tea eggs with years-untouched loose black teas (lapsang souchong) and years- untouched hoisin sauce. Makes for strong flavours but I really didn't care for the hint of anise. Tea eggs are good for the diet because I never want to eat the yolks, and wasteful for the wallet for the same reason. There's really nothing to be done with cooked egg yolks.

Have also been making stir fries with cabbage and carrots and peanut butter sauce. Must buy more cabbage- a vegetable I normally have little use for- so I can go on doing it. I trust the lowcal of the cabbage will offset the high cal of the pb (organic unsweetened but still fat.) I did try making coleslaw with this head and conclude that coleslaw is a waste of cabbage: tasteless, harder to digest, and no one needs that much mayonnaise anyway.