July 2nd, 2020


One down

That was a very nice ativan evening and ativan sleep but it resulted in no dreams and a not long enough float. 9 am only works as a wakeup time if there's no need to be doing stuff. Doorbell rang early so I had to limp downstairs before I was properly stretched and then it wasn't the electrician, it was the front step contractor just showing the wokman what has to be done, if and when. At least he hasn't forgotten about me.

(Never did get properly stretched. Today is a bad knee day, full stop.)

Courteous electrician appeared and worked diligently in the blistering heat. New wire goes right through the lower branches of the cherry tree which seriously ought to have been trimmed thee weeks ago, but no matter. In theory the years-long chronic worry of 'that wire is stripped oh what shall I do?' has ended, and once I've paid for it *will* be ended, but meanwhile I'm in one of my anxiety states that takes no account of facts, and I wibble. Evidently the tendency to neurosis follows "a U-shaped pattern. Overall, the data suggests that neuroticism decreases through most of adulthood, then increases again in older age." Uh yeah, that'd be me and my 'I don't know why but I keep thinking something's bound to go wrong" mindset.

Ah well. Sent to try us, indeed. Meanwhile NNDs have mended their wooden steps but have also primed them as well. Shan't ask 'aren't you supposed to leave wood for a year before painting?' but shall be thinking it hard.